future exhibition | The Ghost Tide | 20 October - 5 November 2018
The Ghost Tide Curated by Monika Bobinska and Sarah Sparkes
at Thames-Side Studios

The Ghost Tide - coinciding with the festivals of Hallowe'en, All Souls and the Day of the Dead - takes as its starting point the perspective that ghosts exist as an idea, or as part of belief system, across cultures, across national borders and throughout recorded history. Most languages contain words to describe the ghost, spirit or immaterial part of a deceased person. Often, these words - like the type of ghost they describe - have traversed borders been assimilated across cultures.

The exhibition, situated next to the Thames Barrier in south-east London, evokes ghosts as a migratory tide of ghosts washed up along the shore of the Thames, their historical baggage in tow. It also evokes the presence of artists in this part of London, as a migratory tide of creative flotsam and jetsam which ebbs and flows as the city gentrifies and develops.

Featured works include sculpture, installation, film, sound, performance and wall based works. The exhibition will include installations and outdoor interventions, as well as public events and Sarah Sparkes' GHost Research Library ghost library.

About the curators: Sarah Sparkes is an artist and curator. Her work, The GHost Formula, 2016, commissioned by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) recently toured to NTMoFA (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts) as part of the exhibition No Such Thing As Gravity, curated by Rob LaFrenais. She was the 2015 recipient of the MERU ART*SCIENCE Award. Together with Ian Thompson, she was awarded a BEYOND artist residency at Allenheads Contemporary Arts, 2018. Her work is shown by New Art Projects London. Sparkes leads the visual arts and creative research project GHost, curating an on-going programme of exhibitions, performances and inter-disciplinary seminars interrogating the idea of the ghost. GHost events have been supported by Folkestone Triennale, University of the Arts, University of London, FACT, NTMoFA and Arts Council of England. She has lectured and written widely on both ghosts and GHost.


Monika Bobinska is the director of CANAL, which organizes exhibitions and art projects in a variety of settings, and runs the North Devon Artist Residency

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