past exhibition | Alex Pearl: Mothra vs Godzilla | 1 February - 8 March 2014
Alex Pearl: Mothra vs Godzilla Mothra vs Godzilla utilizes a combination of mini projectors, screens and reflections to confuse and amaze.

The title of the show refers to a spate of monster movies from the 50s and 60s. It speaks of a futile conflict between ridiculous forces.

The show itself uses found objects, some with a known personal history such as Pearl's father's adolescent cine films, others taken from the street or rescued from Pearl's dead neighbour's derelict house.

The crossover between real and dreamlike images are emphasized by the integration of films and objects, the play of scale and the use of familiar domestic objects.
Pearl writes, "My mother insisted on throwing out my father's film reels. As they get older, my parents throw more things out, so as not to be a burden to my brother and I when they die.

Seeing my dad when he was younger than I am now was a strange experience for me, akin to the paradoxes of time travel. Seeing him in a different era also made me aware of vulnerability (his?mine?...).

We are at the mercy of unseen forces."

Alex Pearl's mini epic films, video installations, sculpture and books are characterised by a sense of acceptance of failure.
Using readily available materials and software, the films are comparable with a sketch, an initial throwaway idea made visible, making light with big issues, and in turn both haunting and funny.

Alex Pearl was born in Manchester, and lives and works in Ipswich. His work has been exhibited in numerous private and public galleries, as well as national and international film festivals and screenings.